So, after my previous outpourings I’ve been having something of a hard time finding something to actually write about. However ‚feminism‘ is a very popular movement at the moment, no matter where you look there it is, and every time you look there’s somebody explaining what ‚feminism‘ is and not agreeing with any other ‚feminists‘ in their definition. This kind of behaviour in my opinion completely undermines the entire cause, and here’s why.

Judging by my observations of numerous daily arguments about feminism, I know already that this is a controversial idea. Men, the great oppressors, are not allowed opinions on this stuff. I can already hear the cries of feminists the world over. „You don’t know what it’s like to be a woman! You don’t understand!“. Or at least that’s what they would cry if they saw this. I acknowledge that nobody will ever actually see this. But if we disregard this, then I would like to begin with the following preface. I am a man. And while, as I’ve mentioned previously, I am not a fan of definitions and shit like that, having now looked up the definition of feminism, I would also say I am by definition a ‚feminist‘ (you have no idea how hard it was for me to type that). I believe wholeheartedly and completely that gender should not be a factor in determining anything, or in other words men and women should be equal. There is also no doubt in my mind that this is not the case in the world, and thus this cause is a valid one. Furthermore, I have no doubts that people with this idea really need to get their shit together if they ever hope to actually achieve this.

Take the point I already touched on, the attack of male opinions in this area. I respect that not all ‚feminists‘ do this, but I have witnessed many arguments in which men who contribute their opinion to an argument on this are attacked regardless of what their opinion is, simply on the basis that they are a man. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but if your goal is the equality of men and women, then surely you must have at least the most basic respect for people and their right to a fucking opinion. If men and women are to be equal, then surely their thoughts and ideas must be considered on an equal footing, and not disregarded on the basis of the gender of the person having them. It’s literally the very thing that you claim to be opposed to. Were the roles to be reversed, as they usually are might I add, then you would quite rightly point out the sexist element of this. To my mind at least nothing undermines a cause more than hypocrisy, and whenever I see this it makes me sad to my very core. They say fight fire with fire. That’s bullshit. You fight fire with water, or some other suitable chemical compound like carbon dioxide (sorry, I had to let my inner geek out there). The way to combat sexism is not with sexism. The way to combat racism is not with racism. The government in the UK recently decided to pass a law that mandates that by some arbitrary point in the future, I can’t remember when, at least 40% of senior positions within corporations must be held by women. While that is good for women, who do occupy a pitifully low fraction of such positions, it’s completely against the spirit of equality and serves only to tip the sexist balance in the opposite direction. If you’re truly in support of equality then you don’t need law on your side, you simply need an environment that you can trust to make a decision based on the relevant grounds rather than the irrelevant ones. So how do you go about creating this environment?

You go after the bastards perpetrating this injustice. Sexism, whether institutionalised, entrenched within society’s history and still widespread, or made based simply on some idiot’s personal bias, is still a crime. I would argue a crime against humanity, since it denies women that most basic right with which we are all born, namely the right to be treated as an individual on our own merits and weaknesses rather than the external and irrelevant factors such as gender and race. You don’t change these cultural idiocies with laws, you change them by actually getting rid of the fucking cause. Unfortunately, the people who make and enforce the laws are, like the heads and elites of corporations, rich, middle-aged white men who still live in the ’20s where the only function of women was to cook their dinners and suck their dicks. What needs to be tackled is not numbers of women within this culture, but the culture itself. And the only way to do that is get rid of government and these hierarchies within business.

To those who would argue that men are just better than women at these things, you can go fuck yourself. I’ve previously written about the diversity of humanity in terms of interests and ability, and that argument applies here too. Roughly speaking, the world is split 50/50 in terms of gender. Thus, by simple laws of statistics and evolution, 50% of people with a talent for any given role will be female, and thus it’s not unreasonable to expect that in practically all areas of work (with some exceptions) 50% of the workforce would be female also. There’s no argument to the contrary, there’s nothing that men are inherently better at than women or vice versa, that’s just the way it is, and all that stops it being so is the perpetuation of rich, middle-aged, white cunt culture.

I must say also that there is one thing I find more disheartening then women attacking men, and that is women attacking women with conflicting opinions on what ‚feminism‘ is and is not. Seriously, what the fuck? Once you’ve established equality with those who’ve oppressed you you’re then going to oppress those who struggled with you for it? If you believe in equality for women and men, surely you must also believe in equality for women and women. Telling other women what they can and can’t do based on your own personal ideas of actions that are or are not conducive to your definition of feminism is the most hypocritical thing I can imagine is possible. This becomes most apparent in things like the ‚Page 3 debate‘ that’s been going on recently. If women choose to take their clothes off and display themselves then that’s 100% their choice, much as your choice not to is 100% yours. Nothing ever demeans anything when it’s done out of personal desire, uninfluenced by any external factors. You may not agree that naked ladies should be featured in a newspaper, that’s an entirely different issue. If you genuinely believe in the equality you claim to, then you believe in the freedom of everybody to do whatever the fuck they want unlimited by gender or any other factors. Please, surely you must recognise this.

And now, for one final attack on the male culture which has given rise to the need for feminism, I don’t think I’ve quite got it all out my system. Even when these arseholes do let women into their precious little circles, their treatment of them once there is just sickening. It makes me so angry when I see political leaders (white, middle-aged, rich men) come out and boast about how many women they have in their party to try and come across as ‚progressive‘. Or business leaders (also white, middle-aged, rich men) come out and talk about how many women they have in management positions because they’re so ‚equal rights‘. Women aren’t some sort of fucking cattle or mechanism for scoring points with. They’re just people doing a job, same as anybody else within said organisation. That’s what true equality really is. When there is no distinction, when women don’t need to be dragged out in front of cameras and paraded about and made an example of for the benefit of their male leaders, when they can just go about doing what they do without being a woman doing it. That is when feminism will have achieved its true goal. And I look forward to it.


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