So, here comes the final instalment. Once we’ve got rid of oppression through ridding ourselves of government and money, what does the world actually look like?

Well, for a start, we have a much greater sense of community, and we break down the world into smaller, much more manageable areas than the ones we currently have inflicted on us. As a general rule, the larger a democracy, the more people get fucked over by it, thus by process of being pissed off with larger groups telling us what to do, we break down democracy into a very local, very fair organisation. Think local councils, but even more local. There are no official boundaries or anything like that, if a society is enlightened enough to have got rid of government they’re smart enough to know that discrimination on the basis of somebody’s origins is just fucking ridiculous. Therefore we live in groups small enough that everybody can have a say, and vote on any issue that arises directly rather than via some slimy reprehensible cunt claiming to represent us. These issues will be very few in number, since everybody is equal and free to do as they please, and the only matters which would require any kind of vote are ones affecting a whole community. The best thing about this, I believe, is that through this genuine personal freedom rather than the lie of freedom we currently operate under, people will gain in respect not only for themselves, but also for others as they will see that everybody is equal in this right to do whatever the fuck they like. Rather than being forced into selfishness by a system that rewards this, people might actually help each other out a bit, since there’s no motivation to watch others struggle any more.

Removing the motivation of money, or the threat of starvation depending on your viewpoint, you then allow people to do what they actually enjoy for a living. You don’t get children being forced into leaving school as soon as legally possible, or even before, because their family can’t afford to feed them any longer. You don’t get people forced into working ridiculous hours in shit conditions in a job they hate because it’s the difference between them starving or not. Or on a slightly less drastic note, you don’t get people choosing engineering over science because it pays better (this is the difference between me and my brother, for example). As I’ve mentioned before, I come from a very middle class background where money was never forced to become a factor in any decisions I’ve made. I got to the leaving age in school and could choose to continue studying there. I finished studying there and decided to study some more at university, choosing to study science because that’s what I fucking enjoy. I’m currently doing a work placement and I absolutely love it. I couldn’t be happier with my life in this respect because money – or rather the lack thereof – never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do (well that’s not strictly true, I did have to get a weekend job in a shop to try and avoid the massive debt  that awaits all students at the end of their education, but I even learned to like that for different reasons). I consider this joy not a privilege, but a basic right that should be afforded to everybody, and the only way to ensure this is by getting rid of our current system which for many people is tantamount to slavery. Through the diversity of interests and desires of people, you will then end up not only with everybody happy in what they are doing, but you will also find that there are few, if any holes in the functioning of your community. This breadth of interest will act to ensure that at the very least most of the essentials of your community are met simply by people doing what they want to do.

But what about all the jobs that nobody wants to do? You know, the jobs that poor people allegedly reject continuously so they can stay on benefits? There are two answers I would like to present. First of all, there are different reasons for enjoying a job. My current one on placement I enjoy simply because it’s what I enjoy doing. My job in the shop I came to enjoy after a while because I enjoyed the company of my colleagues. Two very different motivations, both leading to the same outcome. Now given that we live in a very diverse world with everybody being entirely unique, you’re bound to have some people that enjoy these allegedly ‚unwanted‘ jobs, for one reason or another. For example, one job I would not enjoy would be that of a postman. I would not want to get up at such hours in the morning as they do. However there are bound to be people who do enjoy the early mornings. Some may feel a sense of joy in connecting the people of the world to one another (OK so the idea of e-mails is kind of killing that, but in principle that’s not a bad reason to enjoy this job). Some may just be lazy and enjoy the fact that the working day may start early, but it also finishes at around 10 if you do it right. The same arguments could be applied to any job. Now I realise that you may not accept this. There are some jobs so bad that nobody could ever ever enjoy them right? But they are necessary. Thus somebody will do them. It’s part of the responsibility for yourself and your community that will grow from the sense of community discussed earlier. Of course letting your community fall into a state of disrepair is an option. Nobody’s going to tell you to do these things. Nobody can force you either. But are you actually going to allow that to happen? No. Indeed if your community was so compelled, you could set up some sort of rota for these tasks. The point is, by hook or by crook, they will get done. It’s not that big a deal.

How do we produce for and feed ourselves? The answer is simple. People will always want to be farmers. That’s a pretty good job. You get to live in the countryside with the fresh air and the animals and shit. Not something that really appeals to me, but there’s many people that it will appeal to. They produce the food. Other foods which are slightly less natural in origin, i.e. these processed things, may or may not continue to be produced without the motive of profit. Frankly that’s of little importance. They only serve as a cheaper alternative to what you can get from nature, and since we’re no longer a world of impoverished people forced to buy whatever we can afford rather than what we want, they are no longer strictly necessary. Of course there may be people who see this as a way of feeding the masses, and given that this is a truly noble goal, may choose to continue the production of such foods, that’s up to them. I can only speculate. What matters is that the world is more than capable of producing enough for all, and there are more than enough people willing to do this, and now that nobody can’t afford to eat, we don’t have people starving to death because their interests or talents are not so well paid as others.

As for getting this food, nothing fundamental need change about the way we go about it now, other than the exchange of money. You simply go to the supermarket, pick up what you need, then take it to your home. We don’t have money any more so you can skip the paying part. All that is required is to make sure that there is enough for everybody, which can be easily coordinated. Just because we live in small communities doesn’t mean we shut out the rest of the world. The world is a wonderfully connected place, and we are all fundamentally compassionate beings. If one farm’s fields weren’t big enough to meet the demands of those it provides for, a simple communication to another one along with an explanation of what is required will suffice. Of course there’s nobody to dictate to this farm that they must help, but if they could why wouldn’t they? It’s like when you see homeless people in the street. I believe that the vast majority of us would feed and shelter and care for these people if it were within our capabilities, however our pockets are not bottomless and there aren’t enough houses, so it proves impossible. But if we could help, we would. Without money, without having to look after yourself first, you can always help.

Now, there’s no government to impose anything on anybody, we are all free, but I feel that there are some universal basics which should at least be noted if not acted upon. I like the basics of don’t kill, don’t hurt, don’t steal. They seem pretty fundamental to me. I doubt there’ll be many problems with this, in the sort of society that I think would evolve from freedom we would have enough basic respect for one another to observe these without much thought. There are then things like freedom of speech, religion, no discrimination etc, which again should all be pretty widely observed anyway because of the respect we have for each other born of true freedom. I think the most fundamental rule should be that of equality in general. Nobody is any better or any worse, any more or less deserving, any different from anybody else in their right to be as they wish to be.

So in summary, my idea is basically to reset the world to a time when people were truly equal. To a time when there was no money and trade, only a community effort to look after one another. To a time when there was nobody to force anybody into anything, and they actually had a say in the things that affected them directly. Now of course, with this freedom comes also the freedom to do it all over again. There’s no government to stop a community reinventing money, and thus causing the disgusting level of inequality we see in our world today. There’s nothing to stop a community reinstating some form of government to rule over them. It is after all part of the human mindset to want to be given purpose and and be told what to do, hence why we have religion. As equals within a society of equals it is nothing other than their right to do so, and for this to be respected. Or you could just stay free. Free of hierarchy. Free of inequality. Free.



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