I guess it’s time to write my first real entry. I am from the UK, Scotland specifically, and in my country the foremost fascist scum party, or ‚right wing‘ as they’re normally called, is UKIP. Their main policy is ‚immigrants are responsible for everything that is wrong with our country and the EU means we can’t kick them out, so let’s leave the EU so we can kick them out and have a country with no ethnic diversity so you can all be British and have British jobs‘. Apart from the racial stereotyping and just straight up fucking lies encompassed by this statement, my biggest problem with this is that they think they have the right to deny people freedom of movement.

Freedom of movement is, I believe, a fundamental human right of everybody on our planet. Countries are simply a social construct which have evolved from the very earliest days of humanity when tribes used to fight with other tribes because they camped in different places. Now the tribes are bigger and called countries, and they think that drawing lines in between somehow entitles them to the land on one side and is some sort of impermeable barrier that can’t be crossed by anybody. Nobody owns the fucking land. Nobody has the right to claim the land as their own (as a side note, if any members of Dirty Revolution ever see this, first of all, what an honour it is that you would look at my blog, and secondly my apologies for borderline stealing one of your lyrics here). I can draw all the fucking lines I want and it will never make the land mine. Nor will being born there. Nothing should ever stop you going wherever you want to go. This planet belongs collectively to the beings who inhabit it (animals included), every single fucking molecule is as much mine as yours as your cat’s as the mouse he’s got hanging out of his mouth. What makes you think you own this island Nigel? What gives you the right to decide who is and isn’t welcome because of where they were born? What makes you more entitled to be on this island than anybody else?

And now to the point about racism. OK, technically not racism. Xenophobia. Discrimination is reprehensible regardless of what you call it. Just because your policies aren’t ‚kill all Romanians, they’re after your wallet‘ or ‚violently beat Polish people because they stole your job‘ doesn’t mean you’re ’not a racist party‘ as you’re so consistently telling everybody. Every single word you speak encourages hatred of minorities, just because you dress it up in nice politically correct language doesn’t mean there’s not a fundamental problem with what you’re saying. Creating tension and division between equal peoples is just wrong, plain and fucking simple and I don’t understand how you’ve managed to convince anybody with your bullshit. Then again perhaps you haven’t, I think in western Europe ever since the Cold War there has always been an undercurrent of ‚anti eastern‘ sentiment, perhaps you’ve just reawakened it. Or provided it with a new figurehead. Whatever you’ve done doesn’t change how despicable your politics are, likewise to all those who have been taken in by them.

With regards to this nonsense that Polish, or more generally Eastern Europeans are coming to ‚your‘ country and taking ‚your‘ job, I literally can’t comprehend how it is possible for anybody to think this. You may argue for whatever reason that they shouldn’t be in ‚your‘ country, I don’t believe that to be valid as stated above, but how can you actually think you are entitled to any job they may get once they are here? They leave their country because there is nothing there for them, and they go elsewhere simply for a chance, yes a chance, of maybe finding work. They go simply to compete for the jobs that are there, jobs that you are welcome to apply for as well, and then it’s a case of the employer picking the most suitable candidate. Immigrants don’t get jobs based on the fact that they’ve come from another country. And if you try to suggest that, then you only serve to weaken the argument that you should have the job based on the fact you are British, unless you’re ’not racist‘ but think your nationality automatically entitles you to a job and those of other nationalities are not. And if you think that you are somehow being undercut and the immigrants are working for less money, that’s illegal on the part of the employer, not the employee. They can’t be blamed for being exploited.

Unfortunately UKIP are no longer a trivial collection of middle class wankers with racist ideas. Given the general apathy with regards to voting in our country, there is an admittedly small but still appreciable chance that our country may end up with these cunts in charge. Then what? We leave the EU, which despite my reservations about its future no doubt has an overwhelmingly positive influence through the freedom of movement, the common market and many other things, we kick out all the immigrants, leaving our country devoid of diversity and culture and all the positive aspects brought about by it. Does it stop there? NO. Bullies always need somebody to oppress. So who’s next? Judging by the comments of numerous UKIP politicians, gays. And then? Probably the poor, they’re pretty easy targets as the fucking Tories have shown us all. Even if for some reason you actually believe that immigrants are the root of all evil and need to be eradicated from the country, it won’t be long before you’re in the exact same position. Don’t think otherwise.

To anybody who persevered until this point, I thank you, and apologise for the slight incoherence and jumpiness of my argument. I don’t usually write anything like this so I’m hoping to develop the craft a little. Also i don’t know if comments are possible, however if they are, I invite UKIP fans to explain to me why I’m wrong in their eyes. But please keep in mind that just as you and Romanians, you and I are equals and your opinion is valued, but abuse because we don’t share one is not.



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