An Introduction

So, I’m not entirely sure how this website works, however if anybody looks at this I guess I should tell you what to expect. I am a student, working in a far off country and I have some time on my hands, so decided to spend a bit of this time speaking to potentially the world, although more likely nobody. Generally I’m quite unemotional, so do not expect too many, if any, outpourings of the heart. I do not have many interests, other than science (which probably I will not speak much about), music (may speak a little about this) and politics (which will probably be what I write about mostly, if indeed I write anything at all). There will not be many pictures or nice pretty things on here, just words, mostly regarding ‚left wing‘ politics and being pissed off at the world. Also expect lots of profanity, I can’t help it. If did offends you read something else. Thank you.


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